steak and blowjob

It’s national steak and blowjob day!! check it out!! For only $20 bucks you get 15 mins of bj pleasure from my tiny lil mouth *giggles*. I guess that would be tube steak for me!! *giggling*

U can call me directly at 1 888 981 3144 N just mention the steak N bj special and get ur  15 mins for only $20 bucks! Don’t miss out on this deal!

and u can buy online!! but since there is no special on the online pay, just buy 10 mins for $20 bucks n get 5 free mins!!



march madness

It’s March already!! N I keep hearing things about march madness, st. patty’s day N other things!! Well I wanna get mad in march too *giggling* but a twisted kinda mad on the phone. Dirty, naughty N taboo!! So what you waiting for *giggling*. You can call me on my at 1 888 981 3144 or I can do a call back, you can also buy your call online, but please pretty please make sure I am available before you dial :) mssg me via email or messenger.

The possibilities are endless on what we can to! All kinds of dirty nasty role plays! Family fun, age play, bratty teen whatever floats your boat *giggles*

Remember Tuesdays N Thursdays are teen days N you can get 20 minutes for $20!! on the other days any call 15 minutes or more is only $1.50 per min!!

You can also reach me via niteflirt  at $1.65 per min (but remember we are limited to the types of calls we can do there, please refer to the right to read the rules N things! *giggling*. 



I wanna be everyone’s little sweetheart *giggling*. I am offering 5 free mins with every call for Valentine’s Day!! I love spending time with Daddy on Valentine’s day *giggling*. He gives me all kinds of lovin’ and then some! My Special starts now til Friday at midnight :) remember there are 3 ways to purchase your call!

1. you can call me direct at 1 888 981 3144 and I bill you discretely over the phone!

2. you can purchase online then call me or I can do a call back to you, just message me your number at

3. you can reach me on niteflirt by clicking on my button below. Please remember on niteflirt we are limited to the types of calls we can do, please see the RULES!

Call Button


daddies dress up doll*giggles* I love it when daddie finds me playing dress up! He loves to watch me twirl around in my tiny princess dress. He says I look very very sexy *giggling*. Daddie tells me it’s good to pretend N fantasize! It’s a healthy thing for tiny litte girls to do.  Daddie told me a naughtie secret the other day….. do u wanna know what it was? *giggles* I bet u do!! It’s so naughtie I dunno if i can say it here *giggles*. well it had something to do with daddie (even though he is a grown man) he told me he has fantasies too!!

I bet u can guess who they are about!! Yuppers u got it!! Daddie said he has naughtie fantasies about me *giggles*. About me in my tiny princess dress N those little plastic shoes :) . I wasn’t sure exactly what daddie was fantasizing about but it was not long before he showed me. Daddie showed me in his own special way *giggles*. It started with him slipping off my little plastic shoes N kisses my tiny toes!! It tickled *giggling* but then daddie worked his way up my up my soft tender legs!! I wasn’t sure what to think but daddie sure liked it!!

Well I think u get the idea of what he likes to do with his daddie’s little dress up doll! U should definitely <(wow that’s a big word! *giggles*) gimme a call for some hot age play anything goes phone sex *giggling* U will just love my tiny little voice! Hearing me will make u think I am really tiny enough to fit in that little dress up gown !! *giggles*.

You can now buy a call online with me!! check the right of my site for details, but please please contact me first to make sure I am available, also we can set up the call before u dial me or I can call u back !

U can still call me directly @ 1 888 981 3144 N I can bill u over the phone! yay :)